A dive to remember

24th of May 2018 seemed like the perfect weather and vibe for a romantic getaway, but we chose different. On the country side of the Czech Republic , me and my partner in crime Ms Lemos , decided to get our unparalleled adrenaline surge for life , yes we did dive from the skies , float amongst the clouds , be a part of the whole wide atmosphere before we touched land , unscathed

The idea of travelling to Prague revolved around the intent of getting to sky dive . This was our first European encounter and man I must say it was worth it ! The journey from Prague started with a bang . We were welcomed by a sleek driver on an Audi on a rainy day to Prague. Our spirits were low on seeing the rains lest our moods stayed top in form . Thankfully we woke up the next day to bright and dry weather and the first act of crime was taking the plunge .

The drive from Prague to the air base was a tumulous and tedious one . We tried to keep our spirits together and were kept in company by a very nice Korean gentleman ( whose name we forgot to ask )

We were the second batch to get to the sky diving . The moment of glory came upon as we wore our harnesses and looked dapper in our suits , the photo sessions ensued . I was greeted by my instructor , a very happy go luck chap . As I boarded the light weight craft, my heart started getting heavy with fear and self doubted . The flight was almost 15 minutes to reach to an altitude of 14000 feet . The scenery below did calm my nerves . As the craft opened up I sat at the edge of the plane , clouds above and below me and the hush of air on my face . Before I could even realise , I was one amongst the clouds screaming my gut out , falling at the speed of 200 kph. This was my moment , just me , the earth and of course yea my lifeline – my instructor . As the parachute opened up , the intense variations in the atmospheric pressure eased out and we swayed around a good 12 to 13 minutes capturing a beautiful panorama of the untouched countryside of the Czech . I think we perhaps saw parts of the Alpine Germany as well . It was finally the kick in your moment – yes the landing . The thing I feared the most was the part of landing on your bum , but in all honesty this was a breeze . And yes that long time dream of soaring to heights and being in total serenity came true .

Our sky dive experience ended up with happy moment and some Czech beers and Czech dumplings to follow

To know more about our sky dive experience click on the link

Falling through the clouds… My experience with sky diving!

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Divya Darshni

An anaesthetist by profession , a full on saggitarian by heart living life like there is no tomorrow

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